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01-Introduction, Targeted Audience.mp4 4.38 MB
02-Module Outline.mp4 1.76 MB
03-The FileFilter Example.mp4 5.96 MB
04-A First Lambda Expression.mp4 4.46 MB
05-Live Coding A First Lambda Expression.mp4 9.96 MB
06-Live Coding Runnable and Comparator Examples.mp4 13.45 MB
07-Several Ways of Writing Lambda Expressions.mp4 2.07 MB
08-Three Questions About Lambda Expressions.mp4 1.74 MB
09-Functional Interfaces.mp4 7.39 MB
10-Is a Lambda Expression an Object.mp4 7.52 MB
11-The Functional Interfaces Toolbox.mp4 7.61 MB
12-Method References.mp4 3.99 MB
13-Processing Collections With Lambdas.mp4 3.79 MB
14-Changing the Way Interfaces Work.mp4 5.07 MB
15-Default and Static Methods in Java 8 Interfaces.mp4 3.04 MB
16-New Patterns The Predicate Interface Example.mp4 4.63 MB
17-Live Coding New Patterns Examples.mp4 8.70 MB
18-Module Wrap Up.mp4 1.93 MB
19-Introduction, Module Outline.mp4 1.85 MB
20-The Map Filter Reduce Algorithm.mp4 4.35 MB
21-What Is a Stream.mp4 4.04 MB
22-Definition of a Stream in Java 8.mp4 5.80 MB
23-Building and Consuming a Stream.mp4 5.23 MB
24-Filtering a Stream.mp4 6.70 MB
25-Live Coding Consuming and Filtering a Stream.mp4 8.92 MB
26-Lazy Operations on a Stream.mp4 7.98 MB
27-Lice Coding Intermediary and Terminal Operations.mp4 11.27 MB
28-Wrapping up Intermediary and Terminal Operations.mp4 1.15 MB
29-The Map Operation.mp4 3.56 MB
30-The Flatmap Operation.mp4 2.51 MB
31-Lice Coding Map and Flatmap Examples.mp4 14.16 MB
32-Wrapping Up Map and Filter on a Stream.mp4 602.69 KB
33-Reduction, Functions, and Bifunctions.mp4 3.23 MB
34-Reduction of the Empty Set Identity Element.mp4 4.04 MB
35-Optionals.mp4 4.85 MB
36-Pattern for the Optionals.mp4 2.02 MB
37-Wrapping Up Reduction Operations.mp4 1.70 MB
38-Terminal Operations.mp4 4.18 MB
39-Live Coding Reductions, Optionals.mp4 17.75 MB
40-Wrapping Up Operations and Optionals.mp4 1.11 MB
41-Collectors, Collecting in a String, in a List.mp4 3.12 MB
42-Collecting in a Map.mp4 3.20 MB
43-Live Coding Processing Streams.mp4 32.58 MB
44-Wrapping Module.mp4 5.48 MB
45-Introduction and Outline.mp4 2.60 MB
46-The Old java.util.Date API.mp4 3.58 MB
47-Why Does Immutability Matter.mp4 6.15 MB
48-The Instant Class and the Duration Class.mp4 6.50 MB
49-The LocalDate Class and the Period Class.mp4 5.25 MB
50-Live Coding Local Dates and Periods Examples and Corner Cases.mp4 20.93 MB
51-Computing Dates From Other Dates.mp4 2.62 MB
52-The LocalTime Class.mp4 2.00 MB
53-Dealing With Time Zones The ZonedTime Class.mp4 6.43 MB
54-Printing Dates and Times The DateTimeFormatter.mp4 2.86 MB
55-From Legacy Code to the New Date and Time API.mp4 4.55 MB
56-Conclusion and Wrap-Up.mp4 2.33 MB
57-Introduction and Outline.mp4 3.63 MB
58-Strings and StringJoiner.mp4 11.25 MB
59-Java IO Reading Text Files.mp4 7.96 MB
60-Java IO Exploring Directories.mp4 4.02 MB
61-New Methods on Iterable, Collection, and List.mp4 6.65 MB
62-Comparator Patterns and Utilities.mp4 8.58 MB
63-Numbers, Method References, and Hashcodes.mp4 4.13 MB
64-Map Enhancements of Existing Methods.mp4 5.76 MB
65-Map The Compute and Merge Methods.mp4 8.12 MB
66-Live Coding General Map Enhancements.mp4 12.02 MB
67-Live Coding Map Merging.mp4 16.78 MB
68-Live Coding Building Bimaps.mp4 20.77 MB
69-Annotations.mp4 6.32 MB
70-Conclusion and Wrap Up.mp4 2.90 MB
71-Introduction and Outline.mp4 4.85 MB
72-First Key Concepts on a Simple Example.mp4 3.86 MB
73-Live Coding a Hello World Example.mp4 7.66 MB
74-Setting Up an Interface Using the JavaFX API.mp4 3.14 MB
75-Setting Up an Interface Using the FXML File.mp4 9.40 MB
76-Controller and Dependency Injection.mp4 5.57 MB
77-Live Coding Setting Up a UI With FXML and Java Controllers.mp4 35.35 MB
78-Conclusion and Wrap Up.mp4 2.45 MB
79-Introduction and Outline.mp4 1.64 MB
80-jjs The Nashorn REPL.mp4 5.14 MB
81-Livecoding The REPL in Action.mp4 6.40 MB
82-Running Javascript in Java Classes.mp4 9.06 MB
83-Writing and Launching JavaFX UI in Javascript.mp4 2.89 MB
84-Live Coding JavaFX With Nashorn.mp4 4.46 MB
85-Conclusion and Wrap Up.mp4 6.11 MB
Mit Bezug
Pluralsight - What's New in Java 8.iso 634.65 MB
Pluralsight - What's New in Java 8.mp4 161.85 MB
Pluralsight - What's New in Java 8.iso 788.35 MB
Pluralsight - What's New in Java 8.mp4 326.98 MB
Pluralsight - What's New in Java 8.iso 355.06 MB
Pluralsight - What's New in Java 8.mp4 277.93 MB
Pluralsight - What's New in Java 8.mp4 598.84 MB
Pluralsight - What's New in Java 8.wmv 246.52 MB
Pluralsight - What's New in Java 8.tgz 52.49 MB
Pluralsight - What's New in Java 8.mkv 106.44 MB
Pluralsight - What's New in Java 407.13 MB
Pluralsight - What's New in Java 8.pdf 6.41 MB
Pluralsight - What's New in Java 8.jpg 21.29 MB
Pluralsight - What's New in Java 8.tgz 28.43 MB
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